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« Further Ado »: an adult-themed story published by Viewfinder Literary Magazine

Folks, it’s all in the title. If copulation isn’t your cup of tea, this one isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you like a good tickle in you pants, or as Rousseau (roughly) said: « these books that are best read with one hand only », this one is for you.

This being said, and not to take anything away from copulation, a lot more can happen during.

If you know you want it, follow this link.

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MARQUÉE À VIE d’Emelie Schepp


Mon collègue Louis Poirier nous présente sa traduction de Marquée à vie chez HarperCollins Noir.

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A Happy New Year…

20170101131441… and a whole batch of new stories coming up in the next few weeks! Stay tuned and follow the links under the « In English » tab for direct access. No tip necessary, a handshake will do.

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It’s a story. We, its author and I, hope you like it. AB


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SUR TES PAS de Mark Edwards

51V48gNbIPL.jpg Traduit par mon collègue et ami Louis Poirier, ce thriller à donner le frisson est en tête des ventes sur Amazon Kindle. Une lecture qui accroche et ne vous lâche plus jusqu’à la fin !

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LA FORÊT D’OULTRE-MONDE de William Morris sur KDP


Une nouvelle traduction à découvrir en suivant ce lien.

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When I talk to myself I talk to myself

Following yesterday’s publication of « A German Love Song » in Easy Street Magazine, it seemed important to me to sit down with myself and have a serious talk about why, what, and how. As you can read by clicking on this link, no punches were held.