Antoine Bargel



Romance Studies (2024) explores the theme of romance under 21 different narrative forms and voices (much as "studies" do in classical music, think Chopin or Liszt), each in relation with an academic or scientific field. For instance "Miss Misao Misses: A Time Dependent Adaptive Geometry" describes the unexpected consequences of abstinence on a budding relationship; "How to be Lonely in Medellín: Analyzing Hidden Phenomena in Asymmetric Complex Systems" breaks down a single romantic scene into a multifaceted story of jealousy and arousal.

Currently seeking representation.

Online and in periodicals

(upcoming) The Night Waiting @ BarBar
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In the Changing Room @ The Gorko Gazette
The Timely Profits of Education @ The Gorko Gazette
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To Be Eaten @ The Gorko Gazette
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An Anorexic Analyst @ The Chamber Magazine
A Discreet Revelation, or How to Be Lonely in Medellín @ Throats to the Sky
The Definition of Insanity 2 @ Jellyfish Review
A Dream Come True @ The Flash Fiction Press and Manawaker Studio's Flash Fiction Podcast
Three Stories about Françoise @ Adelaide Magazine, Number 7 - Volume II - June 2017.
Excerpts from a Police Report on a Famous Actress @ Easy Street Magazine
A German Love Song @ Easy Street Magazine
Third Date First @ Viewfinder Literary Magazine
Misao's Mother's Brain @ The Flash Fiction Press